DotLive™ webportal configuration

This is not something I am that found of, but I am figuring it out while I work with it. I find it annoying to work with webportals and WooCommerce™ and WordPress™ on the configuation part is pretty new to me. I have mostly worked with IBM™ Websphere™, Sharepoint™, Episerver™ and I don’t remember if I worked with e-Commerce™, but I was test manager for testleaders that worked with it. Well. I hate testing software and webportals and shitty functionality. Once it was my job, but I got severely bullied at one of my later employments in IT and that is hidden in my body memory. When I work with it I get anxiety and feel stressed. A form of PTSD. I cannot say I like configuring this plattform, but since I am the best one to solve this, I end up doing it. I find it annoying, since I am a beginner. Simply stated: I haven’t really done this before. I used Site builder™ for the last webshop and then I had a super easy system from webshop-online once. This is more difficult. I can understand those that rather pay a lot of money to just put in the products and run the system, free from bugs and learning. But if you wanna save money, you need to learn it yourself. What better teacher than a educated teacher, that used to be a tester and test manager? Well. I wouldn’t recommend myself for such a job… but in this case I do it myself. The test product in the webshop was to get a preview function of downloadable materials. I got it finally working, without any instruction manual. I just do as I once did – trial and error. Interesting. But that used to be my job the last decade and around the millenium, but not anymore. Thank God! Sorry for writing this post, but I just needed it out of my system. I am glad it worked pretty smoothly. I will now have much more possiblities. Haven’t tested all the plug ins for other functions yet and I do not know when I can. I fight postcovid and fatique.

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1 tanke på “DotLive™ webportal configuration

  1. Cool stuff!.
    Here is what I think of it
    Great job on figuring out how to configure this platform on your own and getting the preview function working! It’s impressive that you were able to do it through trial and error without an instruction manual. Keep up the good work!



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