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One of our artist’s at DotLive works in the field of photography and has done so for some decades. During the summer of 2021 it entered Photography project summer classes at HDK Valand. During that summer it produced a photobook named Cheap Vacation. It was a book that would portray a cheap vacation during the pandemic.

On HDK Valand’s offical page UGOT they list the students projects in photography, of those that have attended those summer classes. Under the header Cheap Vacation under the header 2021 Photographic project work. The artbook, with Be You, is created by the same person as the project you find on UGOT.

We noticed today that HDK Valand has not published our DotLive photographer from the project Gestaltande fotografi med inriktning mot pedagogik on their Instagram-page, we have therefore sent the teacher’s a question today, why it has not been published. This is very disturbing since it was sent in prior to it being put in a respirator for severe covid. It has not had the ability to think of those classes until now and this is very disturbing that the work has not been published, as promised.

We will just have to wait and see what their response is. It is very important for artists to be recognised for their work and published, since it is a part of their artist resumé.

On top of this our DotLive photographer has also been exhibited at Umeå University during 2015-2016 during the classes of Skapande Bild. Then it was a film walk-through and photo’s of its artist painting exhibition that was virtually exhibited at Umeå University premises, toghether with other students work.

Our photographer has also exhibited a artistic film of colony gardens at YouTube, this was part of a the Individual project work 1 at HDK Valand the summer of 2022. For that project our photographer was very sick, it was still dependent on oxygen to walk and sleep. It was a difficult journey to make that film as part of a rehabilitation process. The mind was still not up to focusing and breathing was difficult, it had to pause a lot and walk slow. It was a difficult period. For it, it had to create a lot of film and photo’s and this is the short version of the walk throughs in three different colony gardens in the Stockholm area. Doing the film, talking walks where all part of the rehabilitation road. Here is the film:

On top of this our photographer has studied fashion design and scetching during the autumn to gain back basic scetching functions. First out from ICU even that was difficult to do, therefore our artist has had a long recovery road a head of itself.

During the spring it is working much more and studying animation and it’s animated shortmovie has premiere in June 2023.

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