DotLive™ has updated a Digital art release of Be You in the webshop

DotLive™ had one of us, that created the Be You-project, become very sick in December 2021 and therefore the digital art product Be You was never released January 2022. Due to those circumstances, a new version of Be You is released in June 2023. It is possible to order it in advance.

Be you is a project named Be You and it originated from summer classes at HDK Valand( The project, that our artist at DotLive™ did, was about transsexuality and the purpose was to show a transsexual life through a BJD doll. This resulted in a series of images. Our DotLive artist has continued this work with BJD dolls and HBQT questions and even portrayd transsexuality during it’s hospital stay for severe Covid. This digital art can now be enjoyed in your home, or private office, through purchase of DotLive™’s digital art. Be You is now possible to pre order. This is unique art, some images in this portfolio have never seen by the public.

By buying this unique portfolio of digital art from DotLive™ you invest in art. Art is like the stock market, you will never know what it will be worth. There is one big difference though, you will always be able to enjoy your art, even if the value drops, that is more than the stock market can offer. Only 200 copies will be sold of this digital art. The digital art comes with a license, that testifies your version is unique and real, authenticated. To have a valid license you must register your license with the owner, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed its authenticity. If you sell it forward, the new owner needs the license and you will be unregistered as a owner, as soon as you have contacted us at DotLive. This is the only way the digital art will perserve its authenticity.

Be unique and kind at the same time. Enjoy DotLive™’s art and do a good thing for humanity at the same time. Who knows? You might make profit and if you wanna give that profit to sharity, be our guest! We love sharity.

The Be You project is a project dedicated to orphans and 70% of the income will go to the benefit of orphans.

You find our digital art in DotLive™’s Webshop. Klick on the link Shop, to come to our webshop online.


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