DotLive™ about EUIPO

We have had our trademark DotLive for many years and our main owner has used it a lot as a content creator in the fields of arts in numerous areas. Suddenly a company tried to steal it on EU level and filed an EU trademark application. However it was disputed and that company withdrew their application eventually. Then our main owner filed for the trademark on EU level, even though it shouldn’t have to, since it shall be protected in all of EU, when it is an old trademark in Sweden, which DotLive™ is. It was registered before the new trademarks, therefore it is a old trademark, valid in all EU. However when our owner applied and it was about to be approved a gaming company filed an objection for it, past due date. Why EUIPO accepted their objection when it came too late and the trademark should have been approved for our company we do not know. We feel worked against as trademark owners. It is like we where thrown out from Facebook™, Linkedin™ and now even Twitter™. It feels like the world’s largest gaming company hates our company and tries to steal our brand, that our main owner has worked really hard with to make it famous. It is a very unjust world, when people try to steal your stuff. Facebook™, Linkedin™ and now Twitter™ have stolen a lot from our main owner as an artist, yet they haven’t relased any of its art back to it. It is strange that billionaires get to bully regular people around like this. Why do they now want our trademark? We want them all to leave us alone and give our main owner its content back. Maybe the universe will make it right, we are the right owners to DotLive, not any gaming company with a lot of games, they have their own trademarks, they shall not take our.

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