Covid Documentary

During the hospital stay and sick leave, for our main owner, couldn’t think, the brain had gone on sick leave as well. It could not focus, even less work for sharity or even think, so no production what so ever in any fronts could be done. That is just how it is. However, as a private person, it did manage to take a photo almost each day during it’s hospitalisation and recovery road and it did create some short documentaries and placed it on it’s personal trademark on YouTube. Not on the company website. It has been a tough road for our main owner. From laying dying in the hospital to get back to working and studying again. It still hasn’t been able to continue its master studies, due to lack of intellgence and thinking capabilities on a more advanced level. It has however studied easier classes just to recover the thinking process, those classes have been mostly focusing on regaining artistic skills back. It has been a very difficult road for our main owner and it has not been easy. It is still in recovery and the doctor’s do not know if it will ever recover completely or if it does, how long it will take. Many things have been on hold during this past year. Some things are coming back, but we expect to start working as usual sometime next year, 2024.

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