DotLive finns inte på Instagram – DotLive isn’t available on Instagram

Why doesn’t our company DotLive Global AB or tradermark DotLive have any Instagram account? Well, we tried to create one this year, 2021, so we could market our artbooks etcetera. Our Regional Manager for Europe was assigned the task, and our IT-responsible was responsible to setting up the account. When the ITmanager configured the account with the birth date of the Regional Manager and our company mail address Instagram said they would think about it for 24hours. We then waited just to know we where denied a Instagram account. They claimed we where permanently suspended due to breaking their rules. We found this very strange, since we never had a Instagram account for our trademark or Company. We are a new company, but the trademark is old. So we then appealed that decision and asked if it was the event with Facebook that triggered this? It is very strange, since our Regional Manager for Europe has a private Facebook account. Instagram replied and wanted our Regional manager for Europe to write down some numbers on a paper and hold a hand visible in front of a camera and the face had to be visible too. We thought about it and decided that it was a violation of our board members rights according to GDPR. Since the person already has Facebook, we thought that should be enough. So we where denied a Instagram account also. Therefor we don’t place trust in our brand at Meta companies and they haven’t appologized for false accusations. We have not broken any rules. We feel that they mistreat our company and trademark.



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